Will GM Be an Unlikely Hero in the Kochs’ War on Electrics?

For a product that only commands one-tenth of one percent of the global auto market, there’s a lot riding on electric vehicles (EVs). Many countries are counting on EVs to reduce future greenhouse gas emissions and governments have poured millions of subsidies to support the vehicles’ development. And, in response, auto companies have made huge bets on the EV’s future. But hopeful advocates of the technology aren’t the only groups predicting that their sales will soon take off. The electric car is also being taken very seriously by the same people who want to kill it as soon as possible.

Foremost among those opposing the growth of EVs are Charles and David Koch. The petroleum industry billionaires have well-known anti-environmental credentials. They’ve thrown small fortunes to fund scientists attempting to discredit climate change. They have supported numerous efforts to gut legislative efforts aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Now, top associates of the Kochs are quietly rallying other petroleum interests to attack government subsidies to EVs. How serious are they? Extremely. This group may spend up to $10 million a year on this anti-EV effort, according to a refining industry insider.

An effort to shut down electric vehicle technology fits right in with the Kochs’ anti-environmental portfolio. Read more on my Huff Post Blog

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