What Is Next Mr. Pruitt? Will EPA Declare That Smoking Is Good For You?

Nothing seems to be off the table when it comes to protecting industry, and not the laws that protect the health of American citizens.

The near-constant White House shenanigans means that many Americans have missed that President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has been quietly shredding America’s environmental protections. In just four months, Scott Pruitt seems to be trying to outdo the infamous Reagan-era EPA Administrator, Anne Gorsuch.

Pruitt’s destructive agenda includes plans to slash the agency’s budget by nearly a third, undoing the Clean Power Plan, repealing an Obama-era rule curbing pollution in the nation’s waterways, reopening the 2025 greenhouse gas(GHG) car standards, delaying a rule limiting methane leaks from oil and gas wells, and reversing a ban on pesticides that damage children’s nervous systems. He also helped engineer the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.

All this is just for starters. While his boss is busy attacking the media, Pruitt has declared war on science. He is gutting EPA’s Science Advisory Boards by dismissing 38 of its 49 members, and has suggested setting up a televised “red team-blue team” debate to test the idea that human activity is the main driver of recent climate change.

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