Mr. Pruitt: The American Auto Industry Is Already Great, Please Don’t Put It In Reverse

During his Senate confirmation hearings last week, Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s nominee for EPA administrator, made a lot of questionable claims about his ties to the oil industry, his environmental credentials and climate science denial. Less noticed, but just as flawed, were his statements regarding a specific regulations: the current greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency standards for automobiles.

These standards, which run through 2025, are the Obama administration’s greatest success in combatting climate change. Between 2012 and 2025 these regulations will save twelve billion barrels of oil and prevent six billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere, all while providing American drivers trillions of dollars in fuel savings. These rules are already proven to work.. Over the first four years, the targets have been exceeded by an auto industry that is also experiencing record sales and healthy profits.

Neither were these rules forced upon automakers, who largely agreed to negotiated standards. Read more on my Huff Post Blog

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