Can America Really Be ‘Great Again’ With A Gutted EPA?

n an age of remarkably divisive politics, even something as basic as clean air, land and water has become politicized. If we used the presidential election results as a proxy, half of the country apparently thinks that making “America Great Again” involves crushing the Environmental Protection Agency. And, the other half believes the exact opposite.

President-elect Trump, let me suggest a way to get past this standoff. On the campaign trail, you said many things that you have since retracted or re-thought. You said you were going to aggressively pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, make Mexico pay for a wall, ban Muslims and deport all illegal immigrants. You have since pivoted on all of these issues. Perhaps this same pragmatism and business sense will make you reconsider your promise to shut down the EPA as well.

You are businessman and I think we can agree that business is all about results. So before Scott Pruitt, your new EPA administrator, starts gutting his agency, let’s look at it with a clear, business perspective: How does the EPA impact Americans’ lives, their economy and their pocketbooks?

The facts may prove surprising. Read more on my Huff Post Blog

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